Fascade Cleaning

While we make your interiors look great, how can we miss out on the exteriors. We have an expert cleaning team to take care of the Facade Cleaning so that you make an excellent first impression.

What do we include

Sky is the limit for the cleaning experts of Maids.in. The height can never become an impediment on our way. Our cleaning professionals are trained to complete each cleaning project with great success.

Your office may be located at the topmost floor of a skyscraper. We have the resources to scale any height and deliver impeccable facade cleaning services to our clients. Whether it is the front or the side window, our cleaning professionals can polish all the sides of a building with equal efficiency using the right tools. We perform this task with complete attention to the safety measures that help us avoid all accidents.

We guarantee health and happiness of our clients through our custom cleaning packages. To know more CALL NOW!!!

A Peek at what we do

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